Meet MGD Services

Our concierge-approach to recruiting allows us to deliver qualified candidates who are a precise fit for our corporate clients.

Meet MGD Services

What Our Clients Say

“I would recommend MGD for any strategic business initiative or staffing related project. They are one of the very best I’ve seen in the field of recruiting and continue to consistently demonstrate their value to this organization by providing support in a variety of ways.”

– HR Director of Fortune 500 corporation in New Jersey

“MGD was a tremendous help during the last few months. They were especially helpful in combining my job history into a coherent, concise resume and in getting me up to speed with LinkedIn.”

– Candidate who was in transition after 30 years with an organization and who has since found employment

“I have had the privilege to work with MGD Services as a client as well as a contributor. Several traits stand out worth noting include the staff’s ability to communicate, intelligence relative to employment conditions, flexibility, energy level and creativity. MGD Principal, Gretchen Gunn has the unique ability to coach as well as listen which makes for truly successful results. Gunn is a true professional who I would recommend getting connected with.”~Marketing Director

“Gretchen Gunn and her staff are very forward thinking recruiters, networking gurus and social media experts. They provide excellent guidance for successful executives who want to increase their reach and have a marketing plan that provides outstanding results. As recruiters spotting superior talent, they are excellent and I would not hesitate to work with MGD.” ~VP Sales.

“I am very grateful to MGD Services Principal Gretchen Gunn for suggesting that I enter a contest run by Tory Johnson, founder and CEO of Tory was looking for women in the NYC area who were either laid off or trying to get back into the workforce. The winners would participate in a major magazine career makeover. Well…. I entered and won! The major magazine was O Magazine and the exposure helped me finally land a full time position.

~Wired4Hire member and currently employed Project Manager.